Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

Do you like the sound of a workday that includes:

  • Working with your hands
  • Learning how equipment works
  • Working with equipment like pumps, compressors, and turbines
  • Working in the field, rather than at a desk
  • Problem solving how to fix equipment
  • Working as part of a team
  • Working with computers

If that sounds good to you, and you’re interested in machining, welding, electrical, and hydraulics, then you might be cut out for a career as an Industrial Mechanic/Millwright.

What does an Industrial Mechanic/Millwright do?

Industrial Mechanics, commonly referred to as Millwrights, have skills from many trades—machining, welding, electrical, and hydraulics. These jack-of-all-trades might even have to work at heights or in confined spaces.

Millwrights perform the mechanical maintenance of equipment used in power generation, transmission, and distribution, so you can find them in generation plants, terminal stations, or substations. Millwrights install and inspect equipment and conduct routine and preventative maintenance.

Where would I work?

Some Millwrights work with the electric utilities as part of maintenance teams for generation plants, terminal stations, and substations. Others may work with contractors in the construction of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems installing, testing, and commissioning equipment.

What training do I need to become an Industrial Mechanic/Millwright?

  • Graduation from high school
  • Completion of an Industrial Mechanic/Millwright nine month pre-employment program
  • Completion of four years working as an apprentice and the apprenticeship training blocks leading to Red Seal certification as a Journeyperson Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

Where can this career lead me?

Get some experience under your belt and as Industrial Mechanical Journeyperson you can pursue positions such as Lead Hand/Senior Journeyperson becoming responsible for supervising teams and work, and eventually a senior supervisory role.

Check out these links for info on training, funding, and certification.

College of the North Atlantic, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Program
Carpenters Millwright College, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Program
DieTrac Technical Institute, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Program
Programs accredited by Advanced Education and Skills, Government of NL

The requirements for registering as an apprentice with the province’s Division of Institutional and Industrial Education, Department of Advanced Education and Skills are outlined at:
Red Seal
Apprenticeship Incentive Grant
Apprenticeship Completion Grant